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A mother of two, a health coach, a nutritional culinary artist, and a lover of life.​

Based in the vibrant city of London, my multi-cultural heritage being Saudi Arabian, German, Croat, and American -has added many layers to my experience which reflects in my chosen lifestyle and career path. I see art in everything, and I see a muse in everyone.

The line between my work and lifestyle is pleasantly thin; they merge to form an unwavering love for food, health, art, and all that nurtures the soul and lights up the heart.

I am the proud founder of a children's health education programme based in Saudi Arabia "The Super Child Project" , please read more about that here. I create content and collaborate with the brands and people I believe in and want to see more of in this world, you can read more about my projects here or check out my instagram page here. Finally, my most recent platform called "ASFAR" which is a Sufi word describing the experience of a multi-dimensional travel of the senses where I hold Functional cooking courses, sell my line of pottery, among other creations that add a little light to my heart, my home, and my life.. and I pray the same for all the other homes they move on to live in.

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