Strong Roots, Tall Tree.

It’s all in the beginnings, with a little wonderful stroke of luck.


    My name is Nawal and I am a Gastronomy Nutritional Consultant and a Holistic Health Coach based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The line between my work and lifestyle is pleasantly thin; they both merge together to form an unwavering love for food, health, and nature that defines who I am.


    My passions began from youth, starting with my persistent mother’s determination to feed my sister and I broccoli. Without even tasting it, we were utterly convinced that it was the most horrible food to eat. Clever as we are, we began throwing the broccoli outside of the window as soon as my mother turned away.


    Old tricks die young! Soon, the gardener found piles and piles of broccoli rotting in the flowerbeds. With my mother, it was either me or the broccoli, and so I did what I had to do. With a little magic trick known as hollandaise sauce, I discovered that broccoli was not so bad after all.


    The story, as much as it makes me smile, makes me realize the true value of upbringing and beginnings. Many, particularly in older generations of my community, may have not had the luck I had with my mother’s level of health awareness. I have aspired to elegantly counter this through my health awareness blog and social media platforms, which have since evolved to my current coaching and consultancy services.


    I invite you to explore both the fruits of my story, my services, and my other platforms.


    Bachelor of Science, Special Education / Learning Disabilities

        Dar al Hekma School of Health Behavioral Sciences and Education

        Minor in Graphic Design

        Jeddah, KSA


        Holistic Health Coaching Certificate

        Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

        New York, USA

      Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends Diploma

      Le Cordon Bleu

      London, UK

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