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A glimpse into my collaboration with Purification Garcia, a Spanish brand close to my heart:

"Humans are born artists, those skills are either nurtured.. or suppressed. 

I’m Nawal Alkhalawi, and food is my medium.

In its most basic form it is key for survival, but today.. it is so much more than that.

A well curated dish is a pleasurable experience that speaks to all of your senses.

Art is a perspective, the PG bag shouts: I AM WHO I AM, UNAPOLOGETICALLY! I conveyed this message by creating these cubes using a range of raw ingredients that symbolize purity, vulnerability and beauty in diversity. 

The cube shape reflects the PG ethics: minimalism symmetry and geometry. They are all equal in size symbolizing equality.

Throughout history women have been given less opportunities than men but today that’s just that , its history.

Find more on this collaboration on Harpers Bazaar here.

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