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Explore my work and see the different ways we can work together.




The process of creating a delicious meal is travel with all your senses, to inhale the scent of earthy spices and fill your soul with a taste of earth, to feast your eyes before your mouth and connect to the cycle of life around us through food, explore the journey here


Children are the now and the soon and the there after.  Investing in teaching them the building blocks of holistic health is investing in the future of our beloved planet. Explore more here.

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Culinary Art Collabs

I love a collaboration! Here you see one of my favorite creative expressions working with the Spanish brand Purification Garcia, displaying some edible art inspired by the brand's hand crafted leather handbags. Explore more here.


Health Coaching

Working alongside physicians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals to incorporate health coaching within their health care programme, helping patients implement their health plans and reach their goals. Explore an example of my work with London based clinic here.

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