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Cuz it's food and Travel .. what's there not to like?

But in reality, this is a blog about self-empowerment. About taking control of the wheel and truly living a life you love. Written by a girl who grew up in a culture where women got married by 20, had babies by 22, and men told them what to do (mind you- I did all of the above). Seriously, not to bash my background cuz I absolutely love it- even the bits that are harder to love- I grew to appreciate how pressure turns coal into diamonds.. not to say that i'm a diamond.. or maybe I am. 😏 The point is: don't let your past or dictate your future.

*this photo was taken during my California highway 101 three week road trip- writing a blog post about that trip very soon! Keep an eye out.

I wont vent about my past here, but I will say: take it from someone who felt she had NO power over her life, where she was "forced" to dress a certain way, love a certain way, live a certain way, and even think a certain way.

What I didn't realise at the time and need you my dear reader to know: You are in charge of your life. Re-programme your mind and take off the victim goggles that so many of us learnt to see the world through. Put on those power goggles and LIVE. Read along, I'll show you how I flipped my life around, lessons I learnt along the way, trips that changed me and allowed me to experience freedom of the mind and soul, and of course.. some delicious eats along the way.

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