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The Super Child Project was born after years of working with children, noticing how food affected their learning and mood, I was determined to be part of the change and created this company in 2016 which aims to build a generation of healthy eaters by making healthy eating easily accessible and actually fun for the little ones rather than something they feel forced to do. We want children to reach out for almonds instead of fried potato chips, knowing they are doing their bodies a favor by nourishing them with healthy food.


We hold summer and winter camps in collaboration with local schools and gyms, since that has been a big success we are now in the process of finalising a full curriculum for schools to integrate in their all-year-round curriculum. This program is designed by myself and Shahad Naghi; a clinical dietitian and mother of two children, as well as Nymbl Branding Agency which are in charge of all graphics and the crucial design aspect of the project. This is how children will relate to the characters and build a bond with them.

We are also working to be a part of many public organizations and super markets, surely changing children's and therefor, families eating habits for a healthier brighter future!

Click here now and follow The Super Child Project's instagram account to see just how awesome it really is!

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